Gas Detectors

Gas detector is a kind of instrument for detecting gas leakage concentration, including portable gas detector, hand-held gas detector, stationary gas detector, on-line gas detector, etc. Gas sensors are mainly used to detect the types of gas existing in the environment. Gas sensors are sensors used to detect the composition and content of gas.

Gas detector mainly detect carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, ozone and combustible gas and other gas detection instruments widely used in petrochemical, chemical, coal, electric power, automobile, air purification, building hvac, medicine, food, environmental protection, telecommunications, electrical appliances, metallurgy, municipal gas, environmental monitoring, and many other fields. It can also be used to detect and detect gas concentrations in tunnels, pipes, tanks, and airtight Spaces, and to measure for special occasions. Please contact us to buy gas detector you want.

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